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Tekva LLC offers complete Pharmacovigilance administrations, which incorporate information accumulation, handling, therapeutic survey, wellbeing written work, report composing, reporting, signal location and examination.


At Tekva LLC, we've made the gathering and treatment of clinical trial information a focal piece of our whole administration advertising. Powerful clinical information administration (CDM) is at the center of any fruitful clinical trial. Tekva LLC group pioneers have experience, by and large, and a foundation in medication or natural sciences.


ERP arrangements are intended to enhance the general administration of ventures. An ERP system can be coordinated into an endeavor's general framework for overseeing funds and bookkeeping, acquiring, deals, inventory, production, client administration and HR to improve business operations and creation. With its far reaching handy involvement in conveying ERP frameworks for organizations.


"Business Intelligence (BI) incorporates an extensive variety of utilizations, practices, and advances for the extraction, interpretation, mix, investigation and presentation of information to backing enhanced choice making". It is essential to note that BI is not simply innovation. It is individuals, practices and advances meeting up with the goal that associations can settle on better choices on a normal premise.

Our BIG DATA expertise

In this computerized age, there is a lot of information being produced about your business, through numerous sources at gigantic speed! At this vigilant age your business can't bear to stick around with customary style, for example, social information base reports and insight and anticipate that your association will develop.


Cloud computing is a sort of processing that depends on imparting registering assets instead of having nearby servers or individual gadgets to handle applications. In cloud computing, the word cloud (additionally expressed as "the cloud") is utilized as an analogy for "the Internet," so the expression distributed computing signifies "a sort of Internet-based processing," where distinctive administrations -, for example, servers, stockpiling and applications - are conveyed to an association's PCs and gadgets through the Internet.

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Tekva LLC works with the leadership teams of various types of organizations to improve their decisions about the future – setting strategic direction and building organizational capacity.

We do this by generating insights from research, and skillfully facilitating leadership meetings to arrive at solutions that are practical, implementable, and unique to the needs of each client.

At the start of each project we work with our client to identify the central strategic issues to be resolved. We then design our work to focus on these issues, making our engagement targeted and efficient. This allows us to provide high-value strategy work on issues of primary importance to our clients.

Strategic solutions are designed collaboratively with our client, so that good ideas get adopted, and plans get implemented. This approach results in outcomes that are valuable, relevant, and lasting

Tekva LLC was founded on a belief that a combination of intelligent analysis, thoughtful listening, and expert facilitation could be used to create a unique and highly valuable strategy service to cater all kinds of industry sectors.

Launched in 2016, Tekva LLC has attracted a talented team of committed individuals who bring experience from premier strategy consulting firms, strong educational backgrounds, work experience in different sectors, and an abiding dedication to help further the missions of our clients.

Organizations we have served range from leading national players to small innovative endeavors. All have a desire and motivation to find excellent solutions to core strategic issues they are facing.

Since its founding, our reputation has wide spread among many clients. Tekva LLC is now recognized as one of the leader in its field, providing a remarkable service of lasting benefit to all its clients.

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Our staff is a talented, diverse group of professionals with experience in many domains. Many have educational background from the best IT and Business schools within the US. Few have also worked with the top notch IT firms. We bring exceptional skills in deep listening, analytical methodologies, constructive problem-solving, group facilitation, and clarity of expression


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